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The prostate problems starts as men get older. It grows rapidly during adolescence and young adulthood, and then this growth slows and continues throughout life. Reports shows that by the age of 60, over fifty percent of men will have these problems and by age 85 ninety percent of men will have this condition.

Hormonal changes (such as excess estrogen), deteriorating blood vessels as well as a zinc deficiency have all been studied as possible causes for men's problems. Stress and food influence zinc levels, which are greatly reduced in those with men's problems. The symptoms of these problems are caused by increased pressure from the bladder because the enlargement. The good news is if you follow the proper meal plan and take foods you can overcome almost any issue naturally.

In order to prevent of these protlems, a number of food and lifestyle recommendations are helpful. In terms of food, it is important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables; reduce consumption of red meats and dairy products; reduce consumption of processed foods; and eat mostly whole, natural foods – preferably certified organically grown. In particular, berries, pumpkin seeds and vegetables from the mustard family (arugula, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, rapini, etc.) are beneficial for the prostate.

In men aged over 45 the enlargement. At the beginning it does not give any symptoms. Goint go the bathroom can become a difficult process and men feel like they need to go quite often. More than 90% of the men aged over 60 have prostate problems and more than half of them have the symptoms present.

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Transition - Men's care cream designed for men. It comes in a bottle and has a pump. This helps protect the cream from oxidation and the environment, and dispenses the right amount of ingredients every time you use it. Its ingredients are 100% natural. This product is naturally unscented, so even the most sensitive skin can tolerate it. This is extremely important for it will be used over a long period of time.

The transdermal delivery system is designed for optimal absorption, with smaller particles and natural oils, which absorb much better than synthetic oils. The result is an unscented non-greasy nutrient-rich body cream.

  • Saw palmetto;
  • Zinc;
  • Pygeum africanum;
  • shea oil;
  • purified water.

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